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A bride fulfilled her late grandmother’s wish to be at her wedding by surprising her with an emotional dress reveal


Tara Foley was always fascinated by the life of her late grandmother, Stasia, who lived to be almost 103 years old.

This past January, when Foley was a bride-to-be preparing for her June wedding, she learned that her grandmother was in hospice care and unable to travel to attend the wedding.

“She told a nurse that her goal was to attend my wedding, even though she wasn’t allowed or able to get on a plane,” Foley told Insider. “I knew she wanted so badly to be there, and I wanted her to be there.”

So Foley planned a surprise trip to visit her grandmother, in which she would wear her wedding dress and have a photoshoot.

With her unaltered white gown in tow, Foley flew from her home in Austin, Texas, to her grandmother’s care facility in Florida. Foley arranged a photographer to capture the surprise.

“We knew what [Tara] was going to do, but to see it in person was really special,” said Marie Kamp of Red Door Photography, who was behind the lens that day.

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